Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Life's Side Notes Volume I Chapter I

                We give ourselves so much to handle,sometimes more than we bargain for.
Why is it that when we try our hardest to forget something or someone life has a way of smacking it back into our faces like a cold morning shower? (Got to hate those). 

What ever happened to all that hard work we ever did to redeem ourselves after a black record in our beginnings of society? Yes we can try and ask ourselves how, where, when, why, and so on and so forth.But the real secret to surpassing any situation is a ver simple answer,but very hard to accomplish...

   Chapter I

              We think to have seem to lost our humanity at some point of our past lives, we think "What the Fuck was i thinking ?" "Why did i ever do this,or that?" But we never ask some very simple questions "What can i do to leave it behind ?" "How can i use it as a positive and not a negative? "

          Life its self is not easy, but we learn to endure and cope with a lot of things that it throws at us. Some may think that it is almost close to impossible and others might have an easier  way off it. We are not all one and the same, a lot of the times people judge us and compare us to what they have experienced in the past when the least you want is to be compared to or equalled to as someone from the past especially if you have dealt with this before (Person). We never stop learning every day that life docent get any easier than what you think it would be,it just brings more things to have in mind. The secret to this is learning something you love and enjoy to have everyday of your life. What happens if you have a very difficult (situation or person) ? Use it to your advantage and make your self being stronger. If you let this small problem get in the way or in your stress bubble,all you are doing is limiting yourself to something that isn't there or does not even matter.

    It can be very brutal sometimes,and there will be times where all you can think about is giving up and letting down. Have you ever thought of this "Im only letting my self down, I'm giving away something I've worked hard for just because I'm afraid". At times there will be peace and it will feel like everything is over,that all the problems you thought you had are done. But that is a complete and utter lie, Why? Because you're making your self think that there ever was a problem to begin with. Some may think "Oh this writer is just rambling through" But have you stopped and thought of "What if i din't give a fuck about that "problem" or that "person" who's or it's making your own self esteem, your own life a complete misery ?" 

    I'm not saying that life is all fine and dandy because it isn't, Life is a bitch but in the long road ahead that awaits us that only WE build ourselves awaits much to learn and much wisdom from people that you din't even think could ever help,people that you have never met before, or people you are to meet in the future. We cannot center our thoughts in something negative when there is much positive to look for in the future, Sure negativity is the easiest way to go but think about this:

 "This is where we know who fights for what they believe in as a person and who takes the easy way out."
   -The Side Note

                 Much love and care,and have a nice day/evening/night.

                                                                                                                 -The Side Note