Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Life's Side Notes Volume I Chapter II

Life's Side Notes Volume I Chapter II

    The world is a different place for all of us, we all have a different perspective. Sometimes one better than the other, but what is exactly "the world" and "life"? 

    We live in a pre drawn canvas with a specified color pallet to use. They raise us to memorize these specific colors to paint a specific concept. Some of us might just follow that road step by step, even guideline by guideline. Now and days we're brought to view only one perspective of what is "the world" of what is "life". A lot of us do not even dare to see the other side of the white picket fence that lies within our boundaries, but we must ask our selves "Why can we not use our own canvas?" a new and fresh thought and perspective on what could be or even what is. It's easy to listen to the majority who state the guidelines or have become the guidelines themselves, we are driven by an impulse to follow what is already built instead of letting our selves wonder and discover new and amazing perspectives by our own. 

    Some of us might have even started by those guidelines and specific perspectives of what is. Built and Shaped to a world that they dare call "our future" when in all truth they are continuing a legacy that has been established for thousands of years. They even dare calling us their "hope". This is for them, their legacy, their perspective, their own controlled sight. We live amongst our selves threaded by a thin rope invisible to the naked eye, our hands bound to sort us out into specified classifications of beings they have pre-established from our ancestors. Our legs being directed along the path they have carved and maintained for thousands of years. The so called "rights" that we supposedly have are altered by the reality they create to keep their world at hand. Some say it's an impossible thought to even stray off that path from so many bounds attached and passed on through our genes, Who is to say this is our world, our life our universe?

    We can whine all we want towards the dictators of the paths, some are even scared to sway off and take a peak over the white fence, Others believe the stories of a dark sulfur world that lost its meaning; a so called world that lives beyond that fence. Wrong, that so called sulfured world being shinned by a thick black cloud of despair is the world we are pre-determined to live in, the shadows of lost men, women and children that roam around those lands are ourselves. They are giving us the blind truth of the world they have created for thousands of years, and we do not realize this.

    I dare you to create your own perspective, to utilize your blank canvas with your own color pallet. We choose the life we want to live in. 

    But as always i'm just a person from this world, form this society and this life who has an opinion like every single one of us does. I'm not a writer, I'm not a poet, I'm not a supreme, I'm not a wise woman; I am just human. Just like every other human out there I make mistakes...

                                                                                                                      - The Side Note